A web3-enabled gaming metaverse

Mint your ships

Phase 1

Genesis Fleet

Every Runner needs a ship. Void Runners launches with a collection of generative ships. Each ship is unique. Each ship's components define its gameplay stats.

Step 1


Mint unique, generative, 3D anime spaceships.

Step 2


Each ship is a playable 3D object. Select one to get started.

Step 3


Put your ship to the test in a 3D game experience that runs in your browser.

Galactic trade depends on you

A vast decentralized network of player-operated Outposts spans the galaxy. Guide your ships from system to system, earning $GREDITS for loading and unloading cargo.

Pilot ships

Dock at outposts.
Load up on $GREDITS.

Find an open spot at a player-owned outpost and start loading. But be careful — rules are constantly changing. You can keep loading if you're docked illegally, but you might get caught…

Enforce the rules

Manage outposts. Catch rulebreakers.

THE GALACTIC TRADE AUTHORITY (GALTRAUTH) has authorized Outpost Operators to enforce rules about who can load cargo when.

As an operator, you can confiscate all cargo held by illegally docked ships.

We're building
a universe

Void Runners is a blockchain game, an NFT collection, and a work of collaborative fiction.

Social play +
Player stories

We developed Void Adventures, a unique Allowlist Game on our Discord server, giving our community the chance to experience the Void Runners universe in story form.

It continues with character concepts of the kinds of people who live in the Void Runners universe. Their ultimate form will be determined by you, in an ongoing exercise in collaborative storytelling, as we chart the galaxy and discover new stories in The Void.

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The core Void Runners team combines years of experience designing and developing games with hands-on expertise building and sustaining Web3 projects. We've worked at tiny startups and helped grow them into public companies, and have built games, products, and platforms experienced by millions of people.

What brought us together was an excitement for using the blockchain to enable new, weird and playful ways for people to interact with each other. Void Runners is a game universe that explores that potential.


Core team


Core team


Core team


Special Advisor